Bethany (lemonadeairraid) wrote in hp_texas,

Venue for new wrockers?

Hello everyone!

A few new Texas wrockers and myself want to put on a show around the beginning of the year, but we have no idea where to have it!

It wouldn't be too big of a problem if we were all from the same city, but we're from all over. We have had a hard time finding places to play because we're not Catchlove or Mudbloods. Jace is making more music again so we're going to see if Catchlove will headline for us, but its a long shot.

We have played library shows in Granbury, TX but no one knows what wizard rock is there and we want to play to an audience that will be excited to hear new bands. We're also hoping to play shortly before OKCYB in February and hope some Texoma folks will cole. We wanted to do something around January 2nd or 3rd. A New Year's Wrock Bash type thing, ya know? But we have no idea where to look.

If anyone has any suggestions in the DFW or Austin area, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Oh and here are the bands that wanna play:
Statutory Snape (Houston)
Kwikspell (Houston)
Sweetwater All-Stars (Lubbock)
Secondhand Magic Supplies (Denton)
Wrackspurt! (Clearlake/Houston)

Hope you guys have some suggestions for us!
Thanks in advance,
Beth from KwikSpell
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