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Re: Harry Potter fans in Dallas/Fort Worth

I received the following email and thought I would share:

Re: Harry Potter fans in Dallas/Fort Worth


My name is Tara Cuslidge and I'm a lifestyles reporter for The Dallas
Morning News. I am working on a story about Harry Potter to run July 8
before the new movie comes out. I'm looking to speak to Potter fans who have
followed the series from the beginning and have read all the books. I'm
specifically looking for fans in the metro Dallas area.

I'm looking to speak with them about the end of the series and what it means
in the long run for fans.

I found your information on Livejournal through a Google search. I was
wondering if you could potentially point me in the right direction for
finding members of the Fandom.

Can we maybe chat?

Thank you,
Tara Cuslidge
The Dallas Morning News
(214) 977-8088 or tcuslidge@dallasnews.com
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I can tell you that I have been a fan of the movies all along, I started reading the books when I saw POA. I've reread them several times, as I am doing now, in anticipation of the last book. These books have been my escape for the last 3 years, and I am going to miss the series terribly when it is finished.