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Harry Potter Fans in Texas

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27th August 2011

♥ For the New School Year ♥

15th July 2011

kitty_fic3:48am: hp_add_me

Banner by wildflower4evr

21st November 2010

shakespearechic11:42am: Moderated status: temporary

Due to the two spam entries in one week I'm placing the community on temporary moderated status. This means I will have to approve any posts prior to them being posted. I know this community isn't super active, but it sucks to keep getting spammed with stupid ads and porn. :-P So.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



16th November 2009

lemonadeairraid1:26am: Venue for new wrockers?
Hello everyone!

A few new Texas wrockers and myself want to put on a show around the beginning of the year, but we have no idea where to have it!

It wouldn't be too big of a problem if we were all from the same city, but we're from all over. We have had a hard time finding places to play because we're not Catchlove or Mudbloods. Jace is making more music again so we're going to see if Catchlove will headline for us, but its a long shot.

We have played library shows in Granbury, TX but no one knows what wizard rock is there and we want to play to an audience that will be excited to hear new bands. We're also hoping to play shortly before OKCYB in February and hope some Texoma folks will cole. We wanted to do something around January 2nd or 3rd. A New Year's Wrock Bash type thing, ya know? But we have no idea where to look.

If anyone has any suggestions in the DFW or Austin area, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Oh and here are the bands that wanna play:
Statutory Snape (Houston)
Kwikspell (Houston)
Sweetwater All-Stars (Lubbock)
Secondhand Magic Supplies (Denton)
Wrackspurt! (Clearlake/Houston)

Hope you guys have some suggestions for us!
Thanks in advance,
Beth from KwikSpell
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18th July 2009

duia10:36am: Austinites!
Amy's Super South (3100 South Congress) is having a Harry Potter theme night this evening. Come in costume, representing in house colors, or just in some HP gear for free crush'ns in your ice cream. Points are going to be awarded to houses, Potter-themed ice cream combos are going to be created, and wizrock is going to be jammed to.

18 July 2009
Amy's Super South
3100 South Congress
7:30 pm - midnight

29th June 2009

yanks_029:06pm: Houston HBP meetup
Hey all, I used to be a member of this comm on my other LJ name and forgot to add this comm when I switched user names last year. I haven't been keeping up with everything but are there meet ups planned for the HBP movie release? I'm specifically looking for ones in the Houston, TX area. I was up in Pennsylvania for grad school for OotP and am really looking forward to watching this movie with fellow fans.


1st October 2007

truesalcove5:36pm: Wizard Ball or Rock Concert in OKC?
Reposting this for Robert. Please reply if you'd be interested in it. -

Even before this weekend's Harry Potter themed birthday party, where we played a rousing game of Quiddich with 7-8 year olds (some younger, some older), we have been batting...or bludgering...around the idea of hosting a Wizards Ball or a Wizard Rock concert in Oklahoma City this fall.

Toward that end, I wanted to conduct a quick poll to see how many out there might be interested in us hosting a ball or concert.

I know there is not much time, but I'm sure we could throw something together and with enough interest, we could plan to do it again next year.


X-Posting to communities, yahoo groups, myspace, and others...

18th August 2007

ofenjen12:13am: TMF Quidditch World Cup
Saturday 8/18 @ 7pm in Dallas


Ludo Bagman and the Ministry of Magic are proud to announce the 2007 Quidditch World Cup in Dallas Texas, Aug 18th. The QWC is brought to you by the Texas Muggle Foundation, the leading organization in Muggle Treatment Acts, as well as the education of the Muggles to the Wizarding World.

The celebration will commence at 7:30pm at the Door in Dallas. Live music will be featured by such wrock bands as;

The Remus Lupins
The Whomping Willows
The Owl Post
The Mudbloods
and Thomas & Finnigan

Tickets are $10 online and $10 at the door.

x-posted to austin_hp

10th August 2007

raeninja1:11am: hogwarts_elite...again :D

Need a place to let your Harry Potter passion out? Join hogwarts_elite , where there's plenty of other fans as obsessed with HP as you. Apply at sorting_elite to be sorted into one of the four houses, then earn points for your house with contests, or disuss Harry Potter in your common room or the great hall!

1st August 2007

shakespearechic6:18pm: Harry Potter Night at Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
I received the following email this afternoon, so I'm passing along the info:

Hello Shakespearechic,

As the moderator of the “Harry Potter Fans in Texas” livejournal community I was writing to get the word out of an event that may be of interest to Texan Harry Potter fans.

On Monday (Aug. 6) the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is hosting an event called "The Big Harry Deal." Slithering creatures and wizardly science demonstrations will be featured. Potter fans can dress up as a favorite character to compete for prizes, including Harry Potter hats, shirts and tickets to Omni Theater's 2D IMAX feature Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The party gets started with contest registration from 5 to 5:30 p.m. Judging for nine winners begins at 5:30 in four age groups (0-6, 7-12, 13-18 and adults) as well as Most Authentic, Harry-est Harry, Most Magical Creature and Best “Green” (environmentally friendly) costume. Everyone who wears a costume will win a free movie poster. Everyone who attends the 7:05 p.m. showing of the film will have a chance to vote for the best overall costume and recipient of the "Muggles' Choice Award."

Again the event is this upcoming Monday (Aug. 6). The party is 5-7 p.m. and 7:05 for the movie. The party is free and film tickets are $12, $10 children ages 3-12, seniors 60 and older. Tickets can be ordered online at www.fortworthmuseum.org or by phone at 817-255-9540. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is located at 1501 Montgomery St. Fort Worth, TX 76107.

Cindy Vasquez

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Public Affairs Intern

office: (817) 255-9511

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27th July 2007

shakespearechic4:41pm: Mod post
FYI, the community posts are back to being unmoderated. :-)
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16th July 2007

masakochan11:11pm: Commenting with spoilers warning
From grrliz

Go to your Admin Console and type the following:

ban_set wasteofpages

Hit "execute".

Do the same for these:

ban_set harrypooter

ban_set hpspoilerific

Apparently these people are commenting with spoilers on unsuspecting journals, so if you fear being spoiled, banning them from commenting is a good option. Of course, if you want spoilers, I suppose you could friend them?

If you run an HP community (or a community with a large number of HP fans) and want to prevent them from being spoiled, put this in the Admin Console:

ban_set wasteofpages from communitynamehere

Repost or link to this if you are so inclined.
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moonsenorita10:54am: Midnight Party

I was wondering if anybody knew about any spectacular midnight parties going on in Dallas area? I've never been to one and really want it to be special and my book is being delivered to me, so don't have to worry about that. Any suggestions? Anything you give is really helpful, thanks! :)
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14th July 2007

emmagrant016:02pm: Reading party!
I had to cancel my trip to Sectus, and one of the things I was most looking forward to there was the reading party. The idea of reading the final HP book in a room with other fans sounded so exciting.

So is anyone interested in having a reading party next weekend? I'll be picking my book up at midnight in Austin and then heading home to start reading, and I would be happy to have people over to read, whenever they want to start. You could come at 1:00 am, 8:00 am, 1:00 pm, whatever. I have lots of space and places for people to sit around and read. There are three bedrooms where you could go take a nap if you want. We could set aside a "spoiler room" for anyone who wants to go and talk about what they just read. I could fire up the home theater system for anyone who wants to take a break and watch a movie. I have wireless, so you can bring your laptops and keep up with what's going on on LJ, even. We could order in food, drink coffee, and just share the experience of reading the last book together.

Comment if you're interested and I'll put together a post with more specific details.

2nd July 2007

sharpenednails5:28pm: TMF Quidditch World Cup!
Hey everyone!

My name is Devin and I'm from a Wizard Rock band called The Owl Post. My band, along with some other popular bands (The Remus Lupins, The Whomping Willows, Catchlove, Thomas & Finnigan, and The Mudbloods) are going to be playing a HUGE wrock show on August 18th at the door in Dallas, TX that we're calling the TMF Quidditch World Cup.

If you think you can make it, and want to keep updated, I suggest adding the TMF Quidditch World Cup on myspace here.

It'll be tons of fun, hope you all can make it!

Thanks :D

1st July 2007

shakespearechic12:44pm: Mod Post: Moderated for Spoiler Protection!
Hey guys, small mod post. I'm not anticipating our little community being graced with the trollish spoiler filled posts but... just in case I'm changing the setting to moderated posts until a few days after the book is released. I check LJ compulsively all during the week while I'm at work and several times a day during the weekend so there shouldn't be much hold up in postings. Thanks everyone!!
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24th June 2007

shakespearechic12:33pm: Re: Harry Potter fans in Dallas/Fort Worth
I received the following email and thought I would share:

Re: Harry Potter fans in Dallas/Fort Worth


My name is Tara Cuslidge and I'm a lifestyles reporter for The Dallas
Morning News. I am working on a story about Harry Potter to run July 8
before the new movie comes out. I'm looking to speak to Potter fans who have
followed the series from the beginning and have read all the books. I'm
specifically looking for fans in the metro Dallas area.

I'm looking to speak with them about the end of the series and what it means
in the long run for fans.

I found your information on Livejournal through a Google search. I was
wondering if you could potentially point me in the right direction for
finding members of the Fandom.

Can we maybe chat?

Thank you,
Tara Cuslidge
The Dallas Morning News
(214) 977-8088 or tcuslidge@dallasnews.com
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22nd June 2007

ofenjen11:48am: Photoshoot of fans in Austin June 29
Okay guys, we're on!

Elisabet Ney Museum
304 E. 44th St.
Austin, TX
7 p.m. Friday, June 29

They're asking for us to be there a bit before 7 p.m. in costume. There will be facilities on site to change into costume if needed.

Kids and adults are welcome.

I've been asked to assure everyone that it will be a classy and fun shoot.

Michael Barnes, the Entertainment Editor for the Statesman will be on site for the shoot.

If you think you can make it, please RSVP to ofenjen@gmail.com.

Hope to see you there. I'll be the one with the pink hair. :P

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19th June 2007

ofenjen1:23pm: Photoshoot for Austin Paper
I was emailed this morning by the Entertainment Editor for The Austin American Statesman.

He's asked me to help him put together a photoshoot of Harry Potter fans in costume. He wants to have us photographed this weekend or early next week.

I wish he had contacted me last week. The Harry and the Potters concert would have been the perfect opportunity!

If you're close to Austin and think you can make it, let me know and I'll get you the details as soon as I know when/where. If you have suggestions for an appropriate magical location, that would be awesome, too.

xposted to ofenjen, hp_centraltx and austin_hp. I've also contacted my friends at HarryPotterCrafts, the local wizard rock band The Mudbloods, and the organizer for the HP Austin Meetup Group. Anyone else I should try to get ahold of?
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17th June 2007

ofenjen6:08pm: Harry and the Potters Update - show in El Paso
June 18th, Monday 
El Paso, TX
Mars Hill
10:00pm, ALL AGES, $donations
1220B Texas Ave, El Paso, TX
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ofenjen1:08pm: Harry and the Potters want to play west Texas or NM
From Harry & the Potters' myspace blog:

Hey just a quick note. We're looking for a show this coming Monday, June 18th.

We'd like to do something either in west Texas or in Santa Fe. Anyone want to put on a show with us? We have our own soundsystem. We just need a spot to play. Email us ASAP. harryandthepotters@yahoo.com

I went to their Austin show last night and they were amazing. If you know of a venue, don't miss the chance to have them play near you!
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15th June 2007

ofenjen1:33pm: Pictures at Austin HP Events
Hi all! I'll be taking pictures on behalf of The Leaky Cauldron at the Austin HP events I attend this summer.

Look for me (I'll be wearing a "TLC Staff" button) at The Harry & the Potters concert on June 16 at Ruta May, The Order of the Phoenix Midnight release at the Bob Bullock Imax and the Deathly Hallows Release party in downtown Georgetown's "Diagon Alley" festival.

You can also send your own pictures in for inclusion in The Leaky Cauldron's Galleries by sending .zip folders via yousendit.com. Please be sure and let us know in your message where and what your event was and how to credit your photos.

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it_grrl12:25am: Wizard Rock
In case you didn't know, Harry and the Potters are going to be in Houston, Austin, and Dallas over the next three days:

Jun 15 2007 8:00P
Fitzgerald's Houston, Texas
Jun 16 2007 7:00P
Ruta Maya Austin, Texas
Jun 17 2007 5:30P
Dallas Public Library
- J. Erik Jonsson Library Dallas, Texas

They are super fun, energetic guys who put on a GREAT show. Highly recommended, A+++, would buy from again.

30th May 2007

ofenjen1:34pm: Austin/Central Texas
With so much HP everywhere just now, I thought I'd throw this out to the other Austinites and Central Texans out there looking to connect with other fans locally.

hp_centraltx is for slash fans in Central Texas and austin_hp is a general group for all things HP in and around Austin. Any other local comms that you all know about?
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